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List of health practitioners who do not have official training on IPT©/IPTLD®. Beware of fake IPT/IPTLD certifications.

Not every medical doctor can be an I.P.T. Physician. It takes time, effort, preparation and a thorough evaluation to certify a doctor as an official I.P.T. Physician, capable and competent to perform this protocol, always keeping the security of the patient at high priority. Not all doctors are willing to do this hard part, some claim they have improve it, but how can someone improve without knowing the original and choose to  “skip” an authorized certification by the Academy for Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) Education Department.

Welcome to the Official Directory of Certified IPT/IPTLD Physicians, trained and endorsed by Donato Perez Garcia, MD.,Senior Instructor of the Medical Protocol: "Insulin Potentiation Therapy".

Please take time to review the IPT Physicians Directory before making any choices on your treating Doctor. "Safety starts with a CHOICE, check the lists"!

Official Directory of Certified IPT/IPTLD Practitioners

If the doctor, Hospital or Clinic you are looking is not listed here, and you care who is going to take care of your health using insulin potentiation therapy IPT or IPTLD, send an email to: education@iptldacademy.org and verify IPT/IPTLD credentials

Donato Perez Garcia, MD is solely responsible for this publication. If you find an error and consider that you should not be listed here, email me to: education@iptldacademy.org . I will make applicable corrections. 
First time of publication 2009. 

"IOICP" and "Best Answer for Cancer" are not associated in any form with Donato Perez Garcia,M.D.

The Academy for IPT/IPTLD® is the official professional organization of IPT/IPTLD® physicians and was established to oversee the ethical, professional, scientific and business related development of IPT/IPTLD® within each member’s respective community and our global society at large. The intention of the Academy is to assure that IPT/IPTLD® is taught and practiced with knowledge and ethics and that all physicians involved are afforded the sharing of solid experience tempered with innovative excellence and that physicians are kept abreast in precise IPT methodology and scientific advancements.  The sole purpose is to disseminate accurate, updated knowledge, insure excellence of practice and promise the sharing of continued scientific advancement.

The Academy for IPT/IPTLD® is interested in a solid holistic and integrated platform of healing and strengthening components: mind, body, spirituality, diet, nutrition, detoxification, immune system health and exercise, to support and strengthen the patient’s body to further increase the effectiveness of Insulin Potentiation Targeted Low Dose Therapy or IPTLD® as a targeted cancer therapy to destroy the cancer, not the patient.
The Academy for IPT/IPTLD® works along the lines of the inventor, the establisher, the founder and professor. As you know it was Donato Perez Garcia, MD (1896-1971) who invented “Insulin Potentiation Therapy” or IPT/IPTLD® in 1930. The inventor taught IPT to his son, Donato Perez Garcia y Bellon, MD (1930-2000) who become an IPT Master and he taught and passed his IPT expertise on to Donato Perez Garcia, MD. 
In the past, Dr.Donato Perez Garcia, MD and Dr Steven G Ayre, were responsible for coordinating all teaching workshops and for the contents of the manual presented at workshops. Dr. Ayre, as you know passed away.  Since 2008  Dr. Donato Perez Garcia, MD, had and agreement to teach and hold IPT/IPTLD® educational events under the Academy for IPT.
Donato Perez Garcia, MD, has become an IPT professor, teaching of the technique sharing this medical knowledge with interested doctors since 2000. He holds the intelectual property rights to the materials (these materials remain to date copyrighted and protected under current US and international law), the copyright and intellectual property, by means of a Registered Trademark: IPTLD®.

In 2005, patients Mrs. Rachel Best and Mrs. Annie Brandt approached their treating physician, Dr. Donato Perez Garcia, with an offer to assist in promoting the organization and advancement of the Donato Perez Garcia IPT educational program.  Mrs. Best and Mrs. Brandt were actively receiving tremendous health benefits as a direct result of Dr. Donato’s IPT treatment protocols. Their unified expression of a sincere desire to help educate individuals was deeply appreciated and whole heartedly accepted.  Dr. Donato’s IPT educational program, established in 2001, integrated lecture and conference presentations as well as supportive, printed educational materials. Mrs. Best and Mrs. Brandt, began working with dedication and ingenuity; they presented a proposed website redesign, featuring a physician directory offering. 

Within a few short months, Mrs. Best sadly passed away during a surgical procedure done in California.  At this opportune moment, Mrs. Brandt seized control of the newly formed entity changing the name from Elka Best to BACF.  Mrs. Brandt misappropriated a based on trust, vote of confidence freely given to her by Dr. Donato. She decided to exercise an exclusive command over BACF and embarked upon making decisions solely at her discretion. Mrs. Brandt, who had been effectively cured through Dr. Donato’s administration of IPT, attempted to register Insulin Potentiation Therapy as her own trade name.  She acted without informing or consulting with Dr. Donato regarding her actions.  Mrs. Brandt managed to dominate several physician associates and lay members who then acted in unison to exclude Dr. Donato from projects related to IPT. When Mrs. Brandt and her control group were confronted and their actions exposed, aggression and threat ensued.  Several individuals inside Mrs. Brandt’s group sadly betrayed accountability and created a new foundation.  In order to profit from the history, efforts, achievements and international recognition earned by the perseverance of three generations of Drs. Perez Garcia, the newly formed conglomerate registered IPT as if it were their own discovery. 

In December of 2009, Dr. Donato Perez Garcia resigned from BACF and requested his work not to be used.  Mrs. Annie Brandt, former patient and cancer survivor, misappropriated the work of Donato Perez Garcia without written permission and without legal right. She even told a member of the Group, Dr. Alberto Martinez, from Maracay, Venezuela, that Dr. Donato died. The associated IOICP members have breached their IPT Training agreement and are acting outside legal contract law.  These actions reflect perfidy and deceit beyond reproach.

If you care for who is going to take care of your health using insulin potentiation therapy it is advised to check for his/her IPT Certified status email at: education@iptldacademy.

Timing of cancer chemotherapy using IPTLD® is crucial for the success of treatment. While several of the IPT doctors I have trained on Insulin Potentiation Therapy  (IPT)  and some patients who have a cancer recurrence are concerned with finding which chemotherapy drug will work best I tell them that to have a successful treatment of cancer depends on the accurate timing of delivering chemotherapy to match the fluctuation in each patient's immune system.
Not all cancer patients are cured by surgery, radiotherapy, biological therapies, alternative treatments, standard high dose chemotherapy or even low dose chemo. Some patients achieve a complete regression, others do not respond and others appear to have some level of clinical response.
Traditional cancer therapies affect some cancer cells but also normal cells and produce the well known side effects.
Back in the year 1980, R. North an immunologist from the Trudeau Institute in New York and colleagues were able to produce immune cycling with tumor regression by directing chemotherapy to immune suppressor cells. He also reported that if chemotherapy was given at the wrong day and earlier, it will not work, instead the tumor will grow faster and will give the impression that the tumor was resistant to the chemotherapy drug. (Science Magazine,May 2010).
Today my Insulin Potentiation Therapy +Targeted Low Dose chemotherapy has been taking advantage of the immune system cycle using it regulatory mechanism by enhancing selectively the T cells in a cycle specific manner due to the actions of the insulin that acts as a modifier of the cell biologic response. 
Since Donato Perez Garcia,MD (1896-1971) the inventor on this treatment for cancer and chronic degenerative diseases started to treat patients, he set the treatment appointments for every 7 days, this was back in the year 1930 for chronic degenerative diseases and in 1946 for cancer. He noted that patients had very good responses when they received their chemotherapy every 7 days. It was the time when observation and good clinical judgment played an important factor. His observations came to scientific support until the year 2009 when a team of Medical Doctors (Coventry,Ashdown,Quinn,Markovic,Yatomi-Clarke & Robinson) from  Department of Surgery & Tumor Immunology Laboratory, University of Adelaide, Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide South Australia identified the homeostatic immune oscillations in cancer patients that CRP a protein indicated. This CRP is associated with inflammation and the activation of the immune system. (Journal of Translational Medicine 2009,7:102).
To my patients treated here in Tijuana,Baja California this means that they are receiving their chemotherapy protocol on the correct day, achieving the disruption of the regulatory circuits that protect the tumor cells.  With my IPTLD protocol my patients are also taking advantage of the induced and controlled hyperthermia that insulin produces and it is well known that a high body temperature also helps in the fight against cancer.
I started to treat cancer and chronic degenerative disease patients back in 1983 and during these 28 years or clinical practice I have seen several cancer patients that were initially treated with standard chemotherapy, responded well but later developed a cancer recurrence. Several of these patients who developed a metastases or recurrence were told that  they build chemo resistance. When I started to treat them using the low dose insulin that acts as a modifier of the cell biologic response with the same chemo drugs they received as their first treatment they all had a good response. No need to mention that the Greek test to detect chemotherapeutic drugs sensitivity was not available. 
Conclusion it is more important to deliver your chemotherapy drug combination on the right time and day to match your immune system activity . It is a good help to know which drugs "can" "maybe" work by means of a chemo sensitivity test but definitely it is not critical to your treatment, because when the drugs are given on the right time and day the response is going to be a success. 

There is a difference between ”also do IPT” or being an “IPT professional”. An IPT professional you become by really looking into the procedure and the side treatments and what other doctors do in IPT and what Donato continually gets out of the 88+ years (since 1930) experience of his family: The aim is to become virtuous.
Most doctors do an initial education (2 days seminar) and they go and make homepages and present themselves as if they have invented it. When I visit them and look what they are doing – and it is terrible. Even the nurse cannot check the blood sugar correctly (blood mixed with alcohol on the fingertip) and the doctor does not know what is going on. In order to compensate that they construct a treatment monster of 5 different things under the motto “something is going to work”. Unfortunately the patients tend to think the same and are thankful for that in the first moment but it becomes expensive and they quit after the "8th treatment", running out of money  saying “it did not work”.

I am not trying to be ‘my way only’. What I am asking for is respect and honor to the years spent by my family and myself, and to allow me the opportunity to present and share scientific research and advancements. I am also asking for a team of physicians and medical professionals to join together and grow upon what has been accomplished thus far. We can accomplish this together, as minds working toward the same goal for the advancements in IPT. A goal of the Academy for IPT is to create a standard, an IPT technique and for the establishment of stronger guidelines.  It is common for patients to receive false therapies and dangerous protocols being advertised as IPT.  This hurts the very core of IPT/IPTLD.

When you were trained in the IPT technique, you were required to follow guidelines. No one should take off with information and then use it the way they see best, disregarding the recommendations which were taught.
I welcome your comments, ideas, and thoughts. I ask this from every physician. However I do not ask that everyone claims IPT to be their own. That was never the intention of any member of the Donato legacy. Our intention is to move forward with the betterment as a whole and I only ask a listening ear and respect during the process.
Of course a doctor can continue to use the letters IPT. However, if they claim to use the trademarked protocol, use the papers and the information available in magazines and books, it must be understand that there are administration rules to follow as Dr Donato Perez teaches and practices. If guidelines are not followed, where is the support for the technique being used?
Again, I wish to move beyond the ‘I am the only one' or ‘I am the best’ and further the teachings of IPT. The Academy is open to interested doctors.  Yes, I hold the legal rights, copyright and manual to IPT / IPTLD. This is not to say I hold nor want to claim the right to all future advancements.

Instead of being combative, please join the Academy.  The IPT technique has been in use since 1930.  Many substances and delivery methods have been tested since that date, some did not produce the expected, or better, results and today what we must do is adhere to a standard protocol. Then we can give information about what substances are best combined, in what time frame; what is best to use and best not to use.
Because Dr. Donato cares for standardization of the original protocol and patient safety several members and staff of Best Answer for Cancer have reacted against him for his remarks about who is who in IPT/IPTLD. Dr.Donato Perez Garcia, grandson of the inventor has been practicing IPT/IPTLD since 1983, there is no other doctor as of this date in 2017 that has the same time of experience practicing IPT/IPTLD. It is incredibly to think that some doctors who only had a few years of experience reacted against their teacher who had more than triple experience with IPT and said that they did not liked the protocol of the inventor.
If someone chooses to open their own school about IPT, I ask that they do not use my name, my family name and/or references to the name.  Many long hours and hard work is behind this work; this requires respect and honor.

On behalf of the Academy, I extend an open invitation to all doctors interested in any and all levels of IPT education. Join the EAIPT and take advantage in the sharing of professionals, worldwide.
The Academy for IPT will certify qualifying IPT professionals, present scientific advancements, share updated methodology and present unique case studies. I wish to step beyond the past confusion of information shared in the world of IPT and create a unified force of IPT/IPTLD medical professionals.  The EAIPT is dedicated to those medical professionals, worldwide, whose focus is to present to their patients excellence in IPT/IPTLD.  
The Academy for IPT/IPTLD® extends an invitation to those medical professionals, worldwide, who are interested in uniting under an International Academy for IPT focused on IPT/IPTLD® and continue to strive toward excellence in education, sharing scientific and practical advancements.   

Dr.Donato Perez Garcia, MD
Honorary President of the Academy for IPT
Board Member of the Academy for IPT

The following Institutions and/or individuals are not IPT©/IPTLD® certified.

Reviewed on: December 19, 2017. This list is not complete, inquiry at education@iptldacademy.org if the physician you are looking is currently IPT/IPTLD Certified.

BEWARE some doctors claims about their expertise or training in IPT/IPTLD, are fake. 
Some claim they have improve it, but how can someone improve without knowing the original. Others claim that I have trained them, a few even claim they invented it.

This LIST is only about credentials and qualifications to practice IPT/IPTLD. 

~ Tony Jimenez, MD
~ Rafael Cedeño Barragan, MD
~ Ernesto Quintana, MD
~ "Oasis of Hope"
~ Stephen Iacaboni, MD

~ Dr. Felipe Muñoz
SANOVIV & San Diego Clinic
Tijuana,Baja California, Mexico

Playas de Tijuana, BC. Mexico

Michael Hino.  HINO Medical Center. Ensenada, BC. Mexico

Hope4Cancer Clinic, Tijuana, BC. Mexico

Victor Valpuesta, MD. INTEGRA 4. M.Hidalgo. Mexico DF

Jose Ricardo Duenas Saboya, MD.Baja California,Mexico & Bogota, Colombia

CHIPSA, Baja California, Mexico

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