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The demand for I.P.T. has increased and with that, the certification of M.D.'s. Beware of "white coat" doctors not Certified to practice IPT

January 31,2017                                  

                                        What is IPT?

Insulin Potentiation Therapy IPT©  or Insulin Potentiation low dose Therapy IPTLD®, it is a metabolic supported chemotherapy. It involves fasting, insulin and chemotherapy.
Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) has been in existence as a therapy since 1930 and has been used successfully as a cancer treatment since 1946. Insulin Potentiation Therapy was initially developed by my grandfather, Donato Pérez García, Sr. M.D.
IPT targets the treatment of a cell by changing the bio-physio-chemical constants and parameters of the blood. This pathway initially attacks the cancerous cell itself through its intra-cellular environment and extra-cellular environment by permeabilizing the cell membrane via insulin.

IPT is a targeted therapy for cancer and chronic disease; the power of chemotherapy is directed only to cancer cells and not a patient’s entire body. In addition, the chemo is delivered at a fraction of the normal dose. This approach eliminates or significantly reduces the dreaded side-effects of conventional chemo. IPT/IPTLD® annihilates cancer cells by employing the very same mechanisms that cancer cells utilize to kill people.

                               Who can practice IPT?

The demand for IPT has increased and with that, the certification of M.D.'s. Unfortunately there have been many doctors who have taken and stolen knowledge on IPT and used it to trained others for personal profit, even organizations and foundations have been opened in the name of IPT without authorization nor consultation to the rightful owner of IPT.

Not every medical doctor can be an IPT Physician. It takes time, effort, preparation and a thorough evaluation to certify a doctor as an official I.P.T. Physician, capable and competent to perform this protocol, always keeping the security of the patient at high priority. Not all doctors are willing to do this hard part and choose to  “skip” an authorized certification by the rightful owner of Insulin Potentiation Therapy. Each year there are Global IPT-IPTLD® Conferences where all medical doctors are invited to join, each year there are seminars and training I.P.T. workshops given by Dr. Donato Perez Garcia, MD. the option to be officially certified is there and it's open, yet many choose to practice IPT without ever being evaluated or supervised, putting the patient’s life and well being at great risk.
Which is why, the IPT Medical Team of Donato Perez Garcia.MD., is opening a virtual space where patients and general public can anonymously report mal practice from uncertified doctors/foundations and organizations that say to be allegedly trained and officially certified by Donato Perez Garcia, M.D. These reports will be taken into account and if not replied within a 2-week period, they will be directed to proper authorities. Some one has to look out for these patients and let them know they are not alone. As senior instructor and head director of IPT-IPTLD® it is my duty and responsibility to advise and caution patients on this situation and provide a solution.
A doctor who’s not certified or updated on these matters, can cause a serious damage to the patient. That’s why Dr.Donato encourages all IPT Physicians to be in constant training and emits an expiration date on all Certificates, to make sure they’re updated and prepared for any complication during the protocol. Unfortunately many doctors take the treatment into their own hands. They think they learned IPT from someone else, but were never evaluated nor officially certified by Dr. Donato. Others never bother in updating their knowledge and continue administering IPT without any supervision. Some even re use vials of opened chemo drugs for several days and multiple patient administration, this is not recommended as the chemical activity of the drug is reduced after 6 - 8 hours of initial opening and storing in the refrigerator is not a guarantee of quality and strenght. This puts the patient at risk.
Patients and general public today have free access to "The List" of Certified IPT Practitioners, trained and endorsed by Donato Perez Garcia, M.D., which is updated on a quarterly basis.


Doctors and/or organizations that are not on this list are not authorized to practice/train in IPT.

PAULA-Testimonial letter on experiences with a non certified IPT doctor :

Hi, my name is Paula, I was glad to hear Dr. Donato  was launching this Anti-Piracy Campaign, as I was affected in a way by a Pirate doctor who, years later, I learned was never really certified by Dr. Donato. When I first got diagnosed with lung cancer, my oncologist wanted me to start full dose chemo and radiation. I’d witnessed what that could do to a person, since lung cancer ran in my family. An uncle of mine also had lung cancer and by the time he finished full chemo and radiation, he was just a whole different person, the chemo and radiation had left him so weak and fragile that I guess his body couldn’t take it for long, he passed away shortly after that.  So I knew I didn’t want to start that kind of treatment. My husband and I started looking for alternative treatments, there are so many out there, It was hard to choose. But finally we decided on IPT. I looked for doctors here in Houston where I live and there was one who offered IPT.  When I went to his office and met him,  I SHOULD OF ASKED HIM RIGHT THEN AND THERE, where he had gotten his degree on I.P.T. His office was filled with framed diplomas and recognitions but nowhere did I see a document that said he had been trained in IPT. He only said he’d been doing it for the past 5 years or so.
I’m not a wealthy person, but me and my husband had saved for a rainy day and we could pay a good treatment but I never thought I was dealing with a Pirate doctor. The first 5 months I started IPT there where no real dramatic results, not what I expected since I heard IPT. was so good. But still, this doctor said my cancer was very aggressive and that it would take time (and lots of more money) to see results. Still, I didn’t want to do high dose chemo so I continued treatment. Another 4 months went by and I only had 15% improvement. I was so sad and dissappointed, I thought I had no choice but to prepare myself to die. It’s a terrible feeling, thank god my husband supported me all the time, it was his idea to look up in the internet other alternatives. For some reason I came across with Dr. Donato’s name, I looked up his web page and realized he was the grandson of the founder of I.P.T. and he was still alive and practicing IPT. in Mexico. I decided to call him and tell him about my situation, if someone knew this treatment better than anyone, that was him. After a few phone calls and emails I briefed him on my experience, I showed him my medical records and he could tell something was wrong. I remember so well, the first time he told me, when he saw my physicians name: “I’m afraid this doctors was never trained by me and he’s not a certified IPT doctor”. That’s when It hit me. It turned out this doctor was trained by a student of a student but never got real certification and was never updated on the protocol’s modification, for over 5 years! The amounts of insulin and chemo agents he was giving me, were all messed up and it affected my body, creating resistance to the chemo agents, affecting my recovery.

I paid over $19,500 dlls to this doctor, I wasted such precious time thinking I was getting better but really wasn’t. IPT works, but under the hands of these pirate doctors, it doesn’t . I tried and tried to get my money back but this doctor would never admit he’d be wrongly doing IPT with me, or that he’d never gotten a license to administer IPT. I was so glad to hear Dr. Donato was launching this Anti-Piracy campaign, because I lived thru the consequences of medical piracy and only when you’ve been there you know how unfair and frustrating that is to someone who’s fighting for her/his life.
Eventually I continued with I.P.T. with a real I.P.T. doctor, but still, the damage the other doctor in Houston did left my body with a high resistance to chemo agents that it took even more time to fix. I know now, If I’ve know the risks, If I’ve known he was not certified by Dr. Donato, I’d never would of agreed, I would rather make the trip to Mexico and get IPT from the Head Director of IPT himself.

To all the patients out there, please be careful, do your research and make sure you ask for certification credentials, don’t just take their word for it. I know now there’s a list of certified IPT doctors in the internet and on Dr. Donato’s web page, check that and make sure you don’t fall into the hands of a Pirate doctor. I will definitely report my experience to this site and hopefully I can still get justice for what was done.

TINA-Testimonial letter on experiences with a non certified IPT doctor:

My name is Tina, I'm not a patient or anything, but my mother was a cancer patient for many years. She was on remission in 2006 but the cancer came back. She began getting full chemo treatments but it really started to raised her toxicity levels on the liver. Numbers were so high we were afraid her liver wouldn’t resist so we looked at other choices. A neighbor of ours who’d also had had cancer some years back told us about IPT and Dr. Donato. A low dose chemo treatment was a better option for my mother. Unfortunately we didn’t have the resources to go to Mexico and stay there for the remaining of her treatment, in the past, the insurance had cover for everything. We searched and came across this doctor who was listed as an IPT doctor in a near city where I live. His fees where affordable to our budget and said he could start right away with her.  He did all sorts of other alternative medicines, some of which I’ve never heard before, on his door, office and desk were written the initials for doctor “Dr.” Maybe it was the fact me and my mom were tired, or worried or whatever, that we never ever thought we were dealing with an unprofessional pirate doctor. On his web site it said he was a trained IPT doctor but never said trained by who or where.

For a while it seemed she was doing fine. I do remember she got very agitated during the treatment, whenever I’d ask him what was wrong he’d just say it was normal. But it didn’t seem normal to me. Agitation was so bad I could see her in pain sometimes.  At the end, the treatments where too many for what we could afford, and eventually my mom had to go back to full chemo. She was very strong and lasted another year before she passed away.  We did try.
Last year I was on Facebook and came across Dr. Donato’s Fan Page, he’d launched a certification campaign, notifying that not every doctor in IPT is certified and there was this article on his blog that described the normal symptoms a patient has when receiving IPT. That didn’t sound like what I saw on my mom. So I wrote to Dr. Donato, just to get this doubt out of my head, either way my mom had died but still…he told me to check the list of certified medical doctors and what a surprise when I didn’t see our doctor’s name on that list. I looked into it and found out this person who had done IPT, was a doctor, but not a medical doctor, just a Ph.D doctor. I don’t know where he think he learned IPT but not being a medical doctor have no skills on how to deal with adverse side effects from hypoglycemia, like the one’s I saw on my mom.

Most of the medical paper work of my mother I had already disposed of, I had no way of proving anything, all I have is this great doubt of what the damages this untrained PhD really did to my mom’s recovery, not to mention the great deal of money we spent. I’ll probably never know for sure, but this experience taught me a great deal, and you cannot just take for granted someone, least of all when your life is at stake. I wished I’d had done better research and identified this man as a Pirate doctor, not even a real medical doctor.

Closing facts about Pirate IPT Doctors: Respect to the Brand and its Founder.
Today's topic speaks about respect to a great man that left us a legacy that today has helped and improved the lives of many patients all over the world. The family legacy of 3 generations of devoted doctors, that have struggled and fought very hard to bring forth this medical treatment called Insulin Potentiation Therapy. Each of these 3 generations  of Donato Perez Garcia, MD.,had to make great sacrifice and hard work to make this option available to people from around the world. IPT didn’t spread by it self, it’s been decades of devotion and care from these doctors and that must be valued and respected.

Who is Dr.Donato.

Donato Pérez García, MD graduated as a general practice physician on 1982, at Universidad Anáhuac del Norte in Mexico City (1976-1981). He is the grandson of the inventor of IPT, Donato Pérez García, MD (1896-1971) and the son of Donato Pérez García Bellón, MD (1930-2000). Both were pioneers of the Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) treatment. Dr. Donato Pérez García received five years of training in Insulin Potentiation Therapy from his father from 1983 until 1988. Dr. Donato Pérez García is the recipient of their collective eighty-five years of experience in IPT treatment and is the most experienced IPT medical doctor in the world, he heralds over 46,000 treatments and has been in practice as an IPTLD medical doctor for more than 30 years.

Since the year 2001 Dr. Donato Pérez García has participated in training Physicians from around the world; more than 870 doctors from 32 countries. He has also made scientific presentations on IPT to the United States Government organizations NIH/NCI/OCCAM. He is the Senior IPT Instructor and the President of the European Academy for IPT. He also is the Director of education of The European Academy for IPT and oversees the education of health practitioners worldwide, issues IPT Practitioner certificates and organizes the annual IPT Conference.
He has published five papers in peer reviewed medical literature on IPTLD®. His scientific presentations on the treatment at major national and international scientific conferences have earned him recognition from the National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute, and the Office of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine (OCCAM).
Dr. Donato Perez extols the benefit of three generations of uniquely talented physicians. Over eighty years of leading edge research and clinical application have been passed directly to his hand where he unites further advancements discovered by this gifted family name. His treatment programs are based on years of substantiated medical and scientific research conducted by leading cancer treatment pioneers. Today Dr. Donato’s elevated, refined approaches persist in guiding cancer to an ultimate demise. His unique per patient designed protocols aggressively eliminate cancer cells and simultaneously detoxify the body while his watchful eye is always cast upon rebuilding the entire system.
Eighty years and three generations of Medical Doctors have worked to bring forth an exceptional treatment for cancer and other degenerative diseases.

A choice for a treatment starts with a decision, with your health, make a good choice.
Donato Perez Garcia, MD, does not make referrals to other IPT/IPTLD doctors. There are no IPT franchises. There is only one Hospital Angeles Tijuana in the world that offers the IPT/IPTLD Protocol as it was taught by Donato Perez Garcia, MD and is located in Tijuana, Baja California.Mexico. The Hospital Angeles Tijuana IPT Functional Oncology Program Director is Donato Perez Garcia, MD. Medical Doctors who have been trained and Certified on IPT under supervision of Donato Perez Garcia, MD, are independent and some incorporate other therapies but in no way are bind to the practice of Donato Perez Garcia,MD. Patients are encouraged to seek a Certified IPT doctor. Not all doctors will be able to handle all cases.

Donato Perez Garcia, MD

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